Natural Wine Club (3 Bottles)

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Natural Wine Club (3 Bottles)

If you're ordering this as a Christmas present, it will NOT be ready by the 24th of December. If you have any questions, please call 206-284-8306 and ask for Erin Lyman. Thank you!

Greetings, natural wine lover. We've heard your requests for a custom club and we're finally able to make it happen! Welcome to our Natural Wine 3 Bottle Club.

If you get headaches or histamine reactions from too many sulfites or your love for the environment has you searching for low/no intervention wines, this is the club for you. You want clean wines from producers who care about organic, sustainable, and biodynamic farming? You want all native yeast fermentation? Well, we're here to help you navigate the natural wine world. 

With your monthly subscription you will receive three bottles of wine that fall into the natural wine category. You'll also receive in-depth notes on each wine, with information ranging from the history of the producer to their farming practices, notes about the wine region and the varietal too; and you'll get tasting and pairing notes, so you can learn more about your palate, preferences, and ideas for what to eat with each wine.

Subscribe monthly or give a one time gift. You can cancel at any time.

And, like our other clubs, Natural Wine Club members receive a 5% discount on all in-person wine purchases.